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Point-to-Point and Backhaul links

PTP links are an excellent way how to make connections between two sites and achieve high data transfer speeds. This is an ideal way how to connect two offices. Also these type of wireless links are very useful if you need to create backbone link from some distant radio access point to your main Internet source. Designed as an integrated system that is easy to install and requires no external outdoor casing, cables and other accesories, it is a cost-effective solution for wireless projects. The Point to Point Link can function as a broadband backbone for hotspots, outdoor coverage access points and DSL switches. Carriers will find the Point to Point Link attractive because it can be used to distribute fiber optic network capacity and acts as a broadband backbone for DSL switches and routers.

Now you can use any of Deltalink wireless routers as a bridge or a router in a wireless PTP link. Specially Deltalink 2000 series are designed for reliable high performance long range PTP (up to 60 mile) available with three model type for mid range(DL-2517), long range(DL-2524), special long range(DL-2526) all with NLOS coverage.

You can also use Deltalink very high performance wireless router 3000 series based on IBM PowerPC CPU to reach maximum wireless throughput (29+29 58Mbps at 30 mile(50 km) LOS) by binding two wireless interfaces in a point-to-point link.





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